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The latest post features a performance by Alvin Lee at Winterland, in February, 1975


by Michael Collins Morton, general editor of Brit Rock by the Bay

Photo by Dan Cuny




                     BE HOLDING A ONE MINUTE SILENCE, ( as a personal tribute to Alvin)

   I would like to invite everyone, out there, to set their diary, computers, i-pads etc, etc,
to join me  for just one minute, It would be great if every one could take part. 

in closing,  thank you  "LOVE & PEACE TO YOU ALL"     Colin Fletcher



24 March 2013          We would like to thank everyone for your e-mails of support during this sad time for all of us. Many Thanks to the folks who contributed their memorabilia and personal memories with us.
Please find new Alvin Lee & Ten Years After contributions on our pages with this *


Very sad news and hard to believe, ALVIN LEE has passed away
this morning at the age of 68.

His family announced that he unexpectedly died on 6 March following complications during routine surgery.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who knew Alvin Lee.
Most of all to his family and friends around the world,
and personally to Leo, Ric and Chick
for the loss of your respected band mate and friend.


We are all in deep shock to hear about the loss of our guitar hero
Alvin Lee.

Dave and Brigitte

6 March 2013



New CD by ALVIN LEE out now: "Still On The Road To Freedom"


   Still On The Road To Freedom (39:55)

1.  Still On The Road To Freedom (4:22)
2.  Listen To Your Radio Station ((2:20)
3.  Midnight Creeper (4:09)
4.  Save My Stuff (4:01)
5.  I'm A Lucky Man (3:24)
6.  Walk On, Walk Tall (3:15)
7.  Blues Got Me So Bad (2:08)
8.  Song Of The Red Rock Mountain (2:03)
9.  Nice & Easy (2:03)
10. Back In '69 (2:35)
11. Down Line Rock (2:28)
12. Rock You (1:32)
13. Love Like A Man 2 (4:32)



Alvin Lee –  “Still On The Road To Freedom” – 2012 

I would like to introduce you to my new album. Still On The Road To Freedom.

In 1972, after Woodstock catapulted Ten Years After into the Rock Arenas, I decided to take the road to freedom rather than the road to fame and fortune. It was the only decision for me as in my desperation to get away from the responsibility and the commerciality of the music industrialist, I was in danger of joining the dead before 30 club. “Moderation is for monks, what’s the most I can have?” I was searching for and needing freedom. It was freedom from the big tour schedules, playing every night in huge arenas where the sound echoed like a freight shed and the security was armed police with cotton wool in their ears. Freedom from the managers, agents and lawyers who saw me as a money making commodity. “We only want what’s best for you my boy.” Yeah sure. Freedom from being responsible for satisfying other people’s greed. But most of all, freedom to make music of my own choice without worrying about what other people thought or expected. I have always followed my instincts and tried to maintain a natural flow in what I do, both in music and in life. I play by ear and follow my nose, that’s what I like to do, what’s the point of following someone else’s nose.

I am never sure which direction my music is going to take, but I do know that to be worth while, it has to be a natural progression. It has to evolve freely. It has to be instinctual and not commercially premeditated, free from undue interference. Free from the many pressures of the rock and roll circus.

The songs on this album are taken from a batch of 33 songs that I have written over the last four years since the release of my previous album Saguitar. I tried at first to bring all the tracks along together at the same time, working simultaneously on all 33 songs. This was a mistake, too much to remember, too hard to stay focused. It took me over two hours just to listen to all the songs I had.
Eventually, realizing my mistake, I picked fifteen songs I liked the best and it all started to flow, naturally and easily again. This is the reason that the material on this album is so varied, with so many styles and types of music. But strangely enough as I worked, mixed and fiddled, the album slowly became an entity in itself with a beginning, a middle and an end. It developed a concept of its own, travelling from the Road to Freedom, back to the 1950’s up to the present day, then arriving back full circle to Love Like A Man. But let’s not talk about music, I prefer to let the music play and speak for itself. That’s what it’s all about.





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7th April 2013 - JOHNNY WINTER in Concert / Tribute Concert for ALVIN LEE

28, bvd des Capucines 75009 PARIS - FRANCE


ALVIN LEE Interview by Shawn Perry /

click here for the interview with Alvin Lee