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„A Good Collection of Songs from the Master Guitarist”

 „Saguitar“ – Alvin Lee

This is a rather eclectic mix of songs from Alvin Lee, as it includes an assortment of Rockabilly, Memphis, “Midnight Blues” and more (even rap). It sounds as though some were leftover material from past projects, resuscitated here on “Saguitar”.

The mood changes frequently, from track to track, but no matter, taken individually this is a fine collection of songs, with Alvin’s voice and guitar playing in great form throughout.

There is a lot of stuff here and it sounds better with each listen!


From September 23, 2007

Herb Staehr



“Saguitar”: Move Along …. Nothing To Hear - Here”

Alvin Lee Rapping? Well I guess I’ve heard it all now. As I sit here and tap my keyboard, I find it difficult to write what I truly feel about this album. After all, I’ve seen Alvin Lee live twice, as well as Ten Years After. I’ve purchased and repurchased most of the Ten Years After catalogue several times in my life. So, Alvin is like an old friend, but loyalty to my music purchasing brethren forces me to come clean.

While Mr. Lee’s guitar playing is somewhat crisp, the backing instruments, meaning drums and bass sound wooden and unremarkable. While this normally wouldn’t be a problem, it does drag Alvin’s guitar work down with it. Also, the drumming sounds mechanical and uneventful. It’s my understanding that a drum machine was used throughout this recording (bad idea). Also, while there are many styles of music here, the rockers all sound the same and are basically indistinguishable from one another. There are a couple of okay tracks:

“Motel Blues” and “Blues Has Got A Hold Of Me” are bona-fide blues incursions and Alvin does his best Elvis impersonations on “Midnight Train” and Memphis”. But most of the stuff here is forgettable. That includes the awkward and embarrassing tune “Rapper” (white men can’t jump or rap apparently.

All in all, this recording has a “basement” feel to it. And while it’s none of my bees-wax what Alvin does at this stage of his career, it’s my business when he puts out musical drivel like “Saguitar” and expects to be remunerated for his effort. One would expect that as one of the “Elder Statesman” of the Second British Invasion, Alvin would be crafting gems at this point by using studio musicians, or big name producers and song writers. There is none of that here. Instead you get Alvin Lee “Rapping” Save Your money. 


From Chris Justin      




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